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Producer & Songwriter



Felix also known as Daniel Pryor is a singer/songwriter for the warningz; born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it wasn't until he moved to Delaware That he started to dive into music. He's performed songs he's completely composed at Delaware Teen idol, The world Café live at the queen (in both Delaware and Philadelphia) he currently resides in Delaware where he hopes to bring back good soulful music and meaningful lyrics.


Shawn " SOSincere" Wilson is a Music Producer & Songwriter out of Salisbury, MD and founder of The Warningz Productions. His passion and love for music came from his mother and father who always surrounded him with music from 80's funk to 90's R&B which he loved. Some of his favorite artist are 112, Brian Mcknight, and usher just to name that help craft his production sound along with other producers such as Timberland, Rodney Jerkins and Bryan Micheal-Cox. It was when he turned 16 that he took up piano and started to build his musicianship to new levels, From there he slowly fell in love with creating music and started producing a few years later at 21; where he created the production group called "The Warningz" 


Daren is originally from New Jersey, lived in Delaware and a few other places but now in Maryland. He developed a love for music at an early age but didn't actually take on music until the age of 13. Listening to Sam Cooke, Smokey Robinson, Micheal Jackson, Prince (just to name a few), Daren liked how music made people feel, how it can change a mood and the creativity of music itself. Daren went into his parents room one day a told them that he could sing, by his mothers reaction, he knew that he wanted to do more with music and began writing and just playing around with music trying to produce and engineer. As Daren got older, he explored more with music trying different DAW's and learning how to mix vocals and work on vocal arranging. Around the age of 17, Daren's mother passed away but he know his mother didn't want him to stop doing music. Daren did end up going into the Marine corp after high school and also had some college experience. In that time he met people that enjoyed music as much as he did which brought back his love for music and he hasn't looked back since. There's more to his story but the rest hasn't been written because he's still on this journey.


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